Three Ways Your Garage Door Can Improve Curb Appeal

When it comes to home remodelling projects, working on your garage door is a great way to help boost the overall curb appeal of your home. Think about it – it’s one of the main entryways to your home, something people will see more of than anything inside. Replacing the garage door can make all the […]

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Five Fun Projects You Can Do With Your Old Garage Door

Garage doors have plenty of life even when they’re no longer fit for use. Repurpose your old garage door in a variety of ways to give your home some new life.

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Four Things To Consider Before Replacing Your Garage Door

What goes into replacing a garage door? What should you know before you make the choice? We break down some of the factors you should be thinking about when you’re ready to make that next step to replacing a garage door in your home.

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Four Things To Do When In An Emergency Garage Door Situation

Garage door components can break down any time of the year, making emergency garage door repair situations incredibly inconvenient. Here are four things to keep in mind with emergency garage door situation on your hands and the services that can get you back up on your feet.

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Overhead Door Standard Thermacore Edmonton

What Garage Door Is Right For You

Getting a brand new garage door is a task not for the faint of heart. Picking something you’ll have to use every day means plenty of careful consideration to get something for the ideal Edmonton home. Here are some things to better determine what garage door is right for you and your home.

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How Overhead Door Co. of Edmonton Minimizes the Impact to the Environment

Overhead Doors are made out of a combination of recycled and new steel. We take pride in minimizing environmental impacts by ensuring that our products follow strict guidelines with energy efficiency in mind.

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Henry Nimilowich Overhead Door Co of Edmonton

50/55 Celebration

Recently Overhead Door Co of Edmonton celebrated 55 years in business and a 50 year Milestone for our Executive Commercial Sales Manager, Henry Nimilowich. Henry has been a dedicated and integral part of the business for the last 50 years.

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Should I Change or Adjust Overhead Door Springs?

We recommend you have your garage door inspected and serviced annually. We can give you the most thorough evaluation and perform routine maintenance as needed to keep your family or employees safe and ensure access is always available.

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Are Your Overhead Doors Compliant With OHS?

To operate reliably and meet Alberta’s OHS standards, your overhead doors must be properly maintained and configured with mandated safety devices. Overhead Door Co. of Edmonton’s SafedoorPM program is the best way to ensure your doors meet OHS standards.

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