Recently Overhead Door Co of Edmonton celebrated 55 years in business and a 50 year Milestone for our Executive Commercial Sales Manager, Henry Nimilowich. Henry has been a dedicated and integral part of the business for the last 50 years. We celebrated with all of our commercial customers and the Edmonton Construction Association as Henry has been past President of and continues to be an active part of. We are very proud of Henry and all of his accomplishments along with all his wisdom he brings to our industry.

Matt Schellenberger, Jennifer Parker, Henry Nimilowich, Jeff Lilge, Caroline Bowen, John McNicoll

Henry Nimilowich Overhead Door Co of Edmonton
Roger Melo – Overhead Door Corp
Jeff Cline – Overhead Door Corp
Henry Nimilowich – Executive Commercial Manager
Lynda Nimilowich – Wife
Dianne Storey – VP Corporate Relations
John Storey – President Overhead Door Co. of Edmonton and Vancouver
Jamie Byrne – Overhead Door Corp.

Henry has announced his retirement for June 2017 and we wish him all the best into this transition for him and his family. He will always be a part of the Overhead Door family!