Home repairs are generally something most people like to avoid. Even if you like being proactive, home repairs have this reluctant energy to them. A sigh of “do I really have to?” leaving your lips every time you survey what needs to be done. Emergency garage door repairs are something you can work to avoid. When it comes to avoiding emergency garage door repair – especially in colder climates like our very own in Edmonton – it pays to be prepared. Keeping an eye out for potential problems will save you plenty in the long run.

We put together a quick checklist you can use to see if your garage door is in tip-top condition! This is everything you’ll need to avoid that panicked afternoon – or perhaps late night – call to Overhead Door Company of Edmonton to save your garage door.

Lubricate All Moving Parts

Ideally, you should be lubricating your rollers, hinges, pulleys, springs, cables and bearings on your door every six months to extend the quality and longevity of its life. If you haven’t done that in a while, grab some non-silicone based lubricant and get to wiping! A well-lubricated garage door is a moving garage door. While you’re at it, do a quick eye test to see if your springs have worn out. If so, call us at Overhead Door Company of Edmonton right away and we’ll do the honours of replacing it – garage door parts can be tricky (not to mention dangerous) to replace on your own.

How’s Your Weather Stripping?

The health of your weather stripping can impact how cold it can feel in your garage. If you want to avoid having cold air and water getting into your garage, check around the ends and sides of your garage door to see if your weather stripping needs to be replaced. Properly installed weather stripping tends to have a lifespan of five to ten years but in an Edmonton winter, it’s best to double check.

Clean Your Garage Door Track

The rollers, springs and bearings can impact how your garage door track moves if they’re not regularly cleaned of dust and debris. Garage door tracks can be expensive to replace, so avoid a breakdown by regularly removing buildup with a clean, damp cloth. You’ll also want to remove snow and ice during the winter to avoid issues.

Realign Your Sensors

Poorly aligned sensors can lead to a door improperly opening or closing. These sensors are what your door opener relies on to see if your door is fully closed or opened, so gently push the sensors back into place alongside your garage door and use the indicator lights to realign them. Both sensors should be facing each other and you should see a solid light to know they’re completely realigned.

Have You Done The Reversal Test?

The reversal test is how best to check if your door needs actual maintenance work. Balance a piece of wood on the ground in the center of the door and let it come down. The hope is that the door will immediately reverse once it hits the piece of wood; if not, that’s a sign you’ll need to spend more time getting your door back working properly.

Regular garage door maintenance is paramount to avoiding emergency repairs. Overhead Door Company of Edmonton provides 24-hour emergency garage door repair service if anything ever happens. Need Help? Call Overhead Door of Edmonton.