An excellent garage door should last decades of uninterrupted use. But things happen. Doors will shake when they used to shimmy, squeak when they used to roll in silence. You can only do so many repairs, fixes and safety inspections before you’re forced to think about the dreaded R-word: replacement. Fortunately, when it comes time to think about replacing your door with something new, options are available. As an entryway, your garage door is one of the main characteristics people notice about your property. Once it’s there, it’ll be in your home for years. Here are some things to consider before you make the choice to replace your garage door.

1. Budget

New garage doors are better for everything except your wallet. So make sure to plan it out! The more you invest now, the better off you’ll be in the future. Request an estimate with Overhead Door Company of Edmonton when budgeting a garage door replacement: any little detail can make a big impact upon your savings. Don’t forget that garage doors are an excellent return on investment, capable of dramatically improving curb appeal. For every dollar you put in a new door, be prepared to get that and so much more back when you’re looking at evaluating your home or property.

2. Material

What material are you going to have serve as the base for your garage door? Aluminum? Fiberglass? Vinyl? Steel? All of these materials aforementioned have their own advantages and disadvantages. We’ve written in the past about how steel garage doors are a great affordable option for many because they are quite energy efficient and require less regular maintenance but do your research and ask yourself just what material works best for you and your home situation before you replace your door.

3. The Look

You’ll want to ask yourself if you want a garage door that can blend in with the style and feel of your home and neighbourhood or if you want something that stands out in the best way. Maybe you’re the type of person who fancies a glass garage door on a traditional home? Maybe you are far more into carriage house door designs? Whether you choose to pore through Overhead Door Company of Edmonton’s many different residential door combinations or peruse our Design Our Door option to create the door of your dreams, no style is too difficult to envision. Tip: Complementing your front door with your garage is an easy way to boost your ROI!

4. R-Value

Here’s a little formula to remember: the higher the R-Value of your door, the better your insulation value and energy efficiency can be! In Edmonton, the doors we make range from a R-1 all the way to a R-18. Our cold climates make a garage door’s R-Value an important factor; high insulation numbers can extend your home in giving you more living space that isn’t freezing cold. Don’t skimp out on insulation.

Starting your residential garage door journey with the help of Overhead Door Company of Edmonton does not have to be difficult and neither does garage door replacements. With this tips and careful considerations, you’re sure to choose a new door that’s beautiful, durable and most of all, works for you!