The right garage door opener makes a massive difference in your day-to-day life. An opener that’s struggling to do its job will make its presence in your life known when you get stuck in your garage or find your garage door unable to close all the way through. These are frustrating things, so it’s essential to have a garage door opener that does the job well. A smooth door opener means a smooth garage door opening experience, means a happy you! Below we outline some things you should know about garage door openers to help your garage door be the best door it can be.  

What Makes A Garage Door Opener Work?

Here’s a quick primer about the two main components for garage door openers: motors and drives. Motors come in two types: powered by AC (alternating current) where doors slowly open and DC (direct current) where garage doors can move at a constant speed. Drives are what guide your garage door to run alongside the long rail attached above the center of your door when it opens and closes.

There are three types of drives, each with their advantages – screw, belt and chain. Chain drives are durable, affordable and reliable, making them suitable for most garage doors. Screw drives blend power with speed, great for large overhead doors. Belt drives offer smooth, quiet performance earning them a must-have for homes and businesses looking to rid themselves of noise.

Odyssey1000-belt Opener Edmonton

What’s The Best Fit For Me?

So how do you know what garage door opener is right for your home? Well, it depends on some things. Exactly where your garage is located relative to your home/business makes the difference between getting a Legacy® 920 Belt Drive or a Destiny® 1500. It also depends on the available space over your door and the shape of your ceiling – this will let you know how much power you need for your door opener. We recommend giving us (Overhead Door Company of Edmonton) a call, and we can help you determine the size and weight of your door and pair that with the right kind of garage door opener.

Our garage door openers are capable of operating garage doors up to 14 feet and offer a myriad of features. Every garage door we use at Overhead Door Company of Edmonton comes with a DC motor for two primary reasons: they can use backup batteries and offer more power in a quiet and small package. Our Destiny® 1500 is our most powerful garage door opener, capable of lifting any door up to 750 lbs. There’s the Legacy® 650, an excellent choice for those looking for cost value. The Odyssey® 1200 is a screw drive opener that can get your door open in about 10 seconds. The Destiny® 1200 is a belt drive opener that offers unparalleled smooth performance that’s also incredibly quiet.

What else could you want? Maybe some integration? You can use the OHDAnywhere app to remote control your door from nearly any mobile device. It can be used to open the door for someone when you’re not home, or you can use it to check if you left your garage door open before you left for work. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about compatibility – the OHDAnywhere app works with most garage door openers.

For more questions and concerns, give Overhead Door Company of Edmonton a call – we can visit you and help you determine what’s the best door opener to suit your needs!