One of the significant trends in home improvement right now is garage remodelling. We at Overhead Door of Edmonton understand the value of remodelling your garage. But did you know you could repurpose your old garage doors too? Even when garage doors are no longer up to the task of serving as an entranceway, they are plenty useful enough to be transformed into a multitude of creative projects thanks to their sturdy makeup. Purchasing a garage door from a company like Overhead Door of Edmonton ensures you’re getting something made of the highest quality, so rest assured that repurposing that old door will bring you benefit. Here are five cool projects you can do with your old garage door. Roll up your sleeves and let’s get started!

Summer is for Raised Plant Beds

Garage doors can serve as the perfect plant frame for your brand new garden in progress. Why spend money on pricey ones from Canadian Tire when you can put together the raised bed of your dreams? As long as you ensure your garage door type is rot resistant, and the paint scraped, you are free to follow your design muse and have them set up in any way you’d like.

Old Garage Door, New Headboard

If you have a different looking garage door, consider repurposing it as a bed headboard. It’s a dramatic touch of flair for any bedroom. We’ve heard that using wood for the base of your headboard will work wonders for your bed – be sure to ask the significant other before you replace your headboard.

Cultivate a Greenhouse

Any garage door panelled with glass and wood can works well as a display case or an outdoor mini greenhouse. Make sure to replace the rest of the panels with glass – you’ll get a nice backyard shed/greenhouse that will work wonders on your burgeoning summer plant collection.

Frame to Impress

Hang up wood or metal panels in any room to create an eye-catching display. Imagine if your door happened to be one of the ones from our Carriage House collection; the makings of a garage door like that would make it perfect as a complementary piece for your home interior. Put them above your couch for a home run; panels look great on any wall!

Take the Bench

Creating a multipurpose bench is a smart first project. You could use one panel for the bench portion and use the rest to develop legs or other forms of support. Now you’ve got a sturdy table ready to handle any task – home improvement projects, gardening, or even a Monday night dinner for the whole family!

As you can see, you have plenty of options for repurposing that garage door. With some creativity and imagination, we’re sure you can even think of ideas not mentioned on this list! So before you decide to throw away that old garage door, make sure to give us at Overhead Door of Edmonton a call before you start, and we can give you the full intel on what to do with your upcoming DIY projects or provide you with some scratch and dent sections – we’re here to help!