Fall is all around us and your home is looking good. You’ve put in good work on your summer remodelling projects around the house, but you’re missing something vital – the garage door still looks like it hasn’t been touched in years! A change of garage door is one of the easiest ways to make a big impact on your home’s value. To help inspire you, we picked out a few examples from Overhead Door Company of Edmonton’s stylebook. Here are a few samples of contemporary style doors that will bring your home’s exterior up from shabby to fantastic!

Glass Is Your Friend


You don’t want to look out of touch, right? One good way to stay in the present and not feel ‘two-thousand and late’ is by getting a garage door that speaks ‘2018’ like one with a lot of glass, which feature heavily in our Modern Aluminum and Envy series doors. The former are sleek, ultra-contemporary and thanks to their light-filtering glass and hybrid aluminum materials, you’ll get plenty of longevity out of your garage door. It also helps you’ll get plenty of natural light flooding into the garage. The latter use an all-glass framework to look luxurious and stunning regardless of what your home looks like.

Think About The Weather


Insulation – it’s the Edmonton solution! Our insulated steel Thermacore series doors blend the best of both worlds in durability and efficiency. Your home will feel incredibly cozy thanks to our triple sandwich steel-polyurethane construction – absolutely perfect for the bitter winter soon to come our way!

Make A Lasting Impression


Why is fiberglass cool? It’s a great material, the jack-of-all-trades in contemporary construction. It’s light, strong and flexible: a no-brainer for anyone looking for durability. Similarly, our Fiberglass Impression Collection, using a wood-grain fiberglass surface, gets you the best of modern construction and the quality and beauty of real wood without the regular maintenance. It’s rich and cozy – what’s not to like?

Go Old School

Sometimes you just need to do a little update of a classic. The Courtyard Collection doors do this in spades and a whole lot more. They’re practical and allow for style flexibility, making them versatile and able to fit any home. They’re decorative, blending the beauty of wood with the durability of steel. It’s great to have a door that will not only last through the years but thrive, too.

The right choice of garage door style can make a huge difference in how you view the exterior of your home. It doesn’t have to end there either; our Design Your Own Door option can give you endless options of configuration. You can pick different styles, materials or get into the nitty-gritty about whether a R-Value 7.8 is more suitable for your home or a 9.8. You can plan up your dream design the way you want it!

Need more answers? Looking for help? Give Overhead Door Company of Edmonton a shout and we’ll be there to help you put together your perfect garage door!