The devices and tools we use for daily life are getting smarter by the minute. Smart devices are a godsend in a time when we need peace of mind. Especially when it comes to garage doors – how many times have you left for work only to be hit by a chilling stab of fear when you realize you left your garage door open? But what if you were able to close it with your phone? Thankfully we have plenty of options to help bring your garage into the 21st century. Here’s a look at everything you need to make your garage a smart one!

Smart Tech Is Your Friend

Firstly, we’ll address the big problem we’ve all dealt with: opening and closing your garage door. With the help of sensors attached to your garage door or opener, you no longer have to worry about rushing home in case you accidentally left it open and in most cases, you’ll be able to close your door from anywhere with the help of your phone. The good news is you won’t have to shell out for a huge upgrade either; most smart garage door technology is designed to work with current hardware.

One great example is our own app, the OHD Anywhere® opener app. With this app, homeowners can do three things: open, close or check the position of their garage door from anywhere, receive notifications if the door is opened or closed, and remote open or close their garage door to allow other family members, repair people or deliverymen to enter your home without providing access codes. Offering support to both Apple and Android smartphone users, OHD Anywhere is great for anyone looking for next-level functionality with their garage door and thankfully, we at Overhead Door Company of Edmonton would be thrilled to help you set it up.


Another awesome tool to use is the Chamberlain MyQ Garage. Like the OHD Anywhere, it works thanks to a sensor installed to your door. From there, MyQ can sync with other devices and programs such as Nest, Google Assistant, IFTTT and Wink to offer more automated features and functionality that you can control from your phone. Beyond checking to see if your garage door is open or closed, you can schedule it to open and close at specific times or pair it with remote cameras and lights, making your day-to-day routine that much easier to maintain.

But smart garage door tech can do a lot more than just open doors! If you’re a smart home enthusiast, you’ll need something that can integrate with a wide selection of devices and comes equipped with features, something like the Gogogate2. Besides remote door access, it is capable of supporting up to three doors and works well with third-party cameras to provide live images you can view on your phone. And with IFTTT and Amazon Echo compatibility, the possibilities are endless as the Gogogate2 turns your garage into one part of your smart home.

Still confused? Looking to see just how smart your home is capable of getting? Give us at Overhead Door Company of Edmonton a call and we can help figure out just what tech can improve your garage and your home life!