When it comes to home remodelling projects, working on your garage door is a great way to help boost the overall curb appeal of your home. Think about it – it’s one of the main entryways to your home, something people will see more of than anything inside. Replacing the garage door can make all the difference and there’s a few different ways you can go about it. Something you may not know is that remodelling your garage door is one of the highest return on investments of any home reno project, according 2018 Cost vs Value report found in Remodelling Magazine. You have over a 98% cost recoup rate when you install a new garage door – so it practically pays for itself with the value it adds to your home. That’s more value than redoing your kitchen or living room! So with that in mind, let’s talk about what we can do to make your garage door dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home.

Be Bold and Stand Out

It’s important to get the lay of the land for this one. Take a look at your neighbours up and down the street and investigate the predominant look for garages in your neighbourhood. If everyone’s going in one way, this is your chance to stand out with a fresh garage door. Why fade into blandness when you can be bold? If you live on a residential street with homes that sport traditional steel doors, you could always go for a modern aluminum door. Our Modern Aluminum doors are sleek and are sure to stand out thanks to our light-filtering glass, providing plenty of natural light into your garage. Overhead Door Company of Edmonton also offers a myriad of design options for these aluminum doors, so you’ve got plenty of choices when it comes time to pick a door that’s meant to get attention.

Take It Back

Sometimes the best way to go forward is to go back…real back. Depending on the age of your home, you could have plenty of redesigns and tweaks to parts of your home that aren’t true to the original design and intent. You can better honour the architectural style of your home by restoring it to its old splendour! Or you can restore balance by selecting a garage door that pairs well with a pre-existing element of your home, like the design of your front door. Here’s a real-world example using one of our doors; a Traditional Wood door from Overhead Door Company of Edmonton is capable of complementing any architectural style. Choose a design and colour that works best and watch the door roll the years back on your home.

Switch Your Garage Door Type

Sometimes an overhaul is needed to improve curb appeal. Sometimes you need to upgrade. Sometimes it’s important to start fresh and what better way than to switch the type of door? At Overhead Door Company of Edmonton, we have experience with various types of garage doors and how they can work for you. If you think your door is holding back the ROI value of your home or you’re looking for a door with improved insulation or durability, give us a call and we can help you decide on a garage door that works for your home.