Overhead Doors are made out of a combination of recycled and new steel. On average, our steel products have the following makeup:

  • 40.8% post consumer recycled material
  • 19.95% post industrial recycled material
  • 60.75% total recycled material

The glass used in our doors is produced from approximately 20 – 25% recycled materials. Though the rigid polyurethane foam insulation in our door contains no recycled materials, it does NOT contain any CFC’s or HCFC’s- ozone depleting agents or any VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).
Our Thermacore doors are the most energy efficient product we carry.

Our Thermacore doors are available in various levels of R-Value, as they are insulated and manufactured to prevent heat loss by filling the doors with environmentally safe polyurethane which save energy and heat loss.

R-value is a standardized measurement of thermal efficiency. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating properties. Overhead Door manufactures insulated doors with a broad range of R-values designed to meet your needs. Our Thermacore® doors offer our highest R-values – up to 17.5, the highest in the industry.